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A Place For Everything

oh, ya know, that could be the title for so many dreamy posts…. I do long to be the sort of person who wisely allocates funds to storage, investments in household sanity, who has a designated place for everything and who deftly maintains everything in its place.

As I look up to the mess calling to me in this time between kids-to-sleep and parents-to-sleep, I see that I need a place for stuff that belongs in the kids rooms when I cannot go into the kids rooms.  I also need an out-of-the-way spot to deposit items for donation.  Enter cute, labeled tote bag idea.  Cute so that they can hang on door knobs during the day, labeled so they won’t be scooped up to suit another purpose.

Here’s some inspiration from Under the Sycamore, or ashleyannphotography.com



Pretty, pretty, pretty.  This sweet butterfly art is created with patterned paper and a Martha Stewart scrap-booking punch.  Doesn’t get much easier than that, eh?  Find a full tutorial at the blog Sixty-Fifth Avenue.

The truth is, I’ve been in the middle of another scrap-booking punch project for over a year, but that never stops me from collecting more ideas!   I think this would be a great project for Babycakes’ room, as a butterfly theme is slowly emerging there.

genious art: so simple, why didn’t we all think of that?

Oh, my goodness.  This is just ingenious.

I love that this runner is made out of doilies, something easily found, either lying around one’s home or in a thrift store, just waiting for relevant repurposing.   If the doily table runner hasn’t already taken over craft/diy blogs, I predict a massive trend of  upholstered headboard proportions.  Seriously, is it already everywhere?

Further poking around Under the Sycamore reveals more incredibly innovative ideas that are brilliant for the ways they transform very average objects into something totally other that they seem to have been made for.  Check out the reuse of these yardsticks, for example: a yardstick backsplash!  As a backsplash, the conventional function of a yardstick is separated from it’s texture, it’s aesthetic.  Who even knew a yardstick had an aesthetic, right?

The image of Ashley’s kitchen also demonstrates the way a collection can make a positive impact; the globes atop her cupboards are a great color border to the room.  I do have a penchant for circles and globes, so it’s a bit inevitable that I would be drawn to the globes.

An idea for our office space

There’s nothing like a morning of aimless DIY blog wandering to make me feel restless to exercise some creativity.

After laying Babycakes down for a nap and setting Kiddo up with cookies and milk and a self-guided game of CooCoo the Rocking Clown, I settled in to start this blog.  The fact that I’m only 3 sentences in and the cookies and milk are gone, CooCoo has fallen over on the table and most of his juggling balls are rolling around on the floor, might demonstrate the family busyness that often prohibits me from getting past the Research and Development phase of many projects.  I concede that character failings such as easy distraction and a lack of discipline also contribute to my fits and starts.

However, with this blog, I commit to being realistic about what I’m capable of accomplishing.  And perhaps this public forum will donate a dose of accountability, eh?

So, what image inspired me this morning?

There is a lot to love about how thoroughly simple this idea is and how it could be translated into any home or room.  The clipboards provide a  low-commitment manner to display items in a very orderly arrangement.  It looks like designer James Huniford used uniformly sized watercolor paintings in his hallway, but perhaps pieces of different size could find cohesion on evenly hung clipboards of the same size.

It’s probably the flexibility of the arrangement that makes it so appealing to me, as I often find myself afraid to commit to giving items a permanent home on my walls.  I’m filing this idea for the wall above our desk.  Our “office” is actually a pass-through from the stairs to the family room, guest bedroom, master bedroom and our house’s full bath, so an orderly display of art hung on clipboards would provide some much-needed visual interest in a high-traffic space.