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Anticipating holidays

I’m not excited about winter, but I’m ready for the festivity of holidays.  As we drove home from church today, N commented on how the air felt like winter, and I became fearful at the prospect of winter days cooped up with kids.

Here’s a project I found through Better Homes and Gardens100 Days of Holidays:

Super cute, eh?  It’s pieces of felt strung onto wire and tied into a wreath shape.  Since Kiddo and I threaded fall leaves with needle and sewing thread, I’m certain he could handle this project.  Babycakes might even like to take a crack at it.  Depending on their size when completed, they might look nice on our fireplace.

Why You Could Make That:


A craft that uses materials which would otherwise be trash is totally up my alley.  Even as folks who endeavor to conserve, we have so much stuff; I love an opportunity to put rubbish to use in an unexpected or transformative way.  (I’m just gonna risk sounding pretentious and leave it at that.)  I have tons of old sweaters and felt from previous projects that we can use for this project.


We happen to be low on our usual arts-n-craft staples, so a new-to-us-material, fabric, will be fun for the kids and me.   I realize fabric is not an unconventional material, but I’m not an efficient sewer, so I’ve avoided fabric crafts that require sewing.


I’m not a neat freak or super organized, but creative projects win big affection from me when they don’t require lots of clean up.  In fact, it’s because I’m not a neat freak or super organized that I value neat projects, otherwise we’d be walking on our scraps for weeks.   Plus, I need quick turn around for our “craft table” to transform into our dining table.  I plan to have most of the sweater/felt pieces cut out beforehand, so the kiddos can jump right in, and clean-up will be efficient.