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We’ve been Christmastiming it up around here in the arts ‘n’ crafts department, and I’ve been loving it.  N had the fortuitous idea that we should put up our tree and lights over Thanksgiving weekend so we’d have plenty of time to enjoy them before we travel for the Christmas holiday.   We run the risk of things falling apart by the time we return home and for our own Epiphany celebration, but maybe I’ll be excited to re-craft when we return from our trip.

Today I’m planning projects for the next week, small gifts the kids can give to their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  I’m still planning on that felt wreath–must pick up my good scissors from having left it with NCN supplies after the fall fundraiser.  Additionally, I think Artful Parent’s tape resist paintings will be really fun for the kids to work on and could result in some terrific pieces.  Here are photos from the article on Rhythm of the Home:

Totally cute, eh?  I’d love to put that on my walls.

Still looking for another project or two….


Anticipating holidays

I’m not excited about winter, but I’m ready for the festivity of holidays.  As we drove home from church today, N commented on how the air felt like winter, and I became fearful at the prospect of winter days cooped up with kids.

Here’s a project I found through Better Homes and Gardens100 Days of Holidays:

Super cute, eh?  It’s pieces of felt strung onto wire and tied into a wreath shape.  Since Kiddo and I threaded fall leaves with needle and sewing thread, I’m certain he could handle this project.  Babycakes might even like to take a crack at it.  Depending on their size when completed, they might look nice on our fireplace.

Why You Could Make That:


A craft that uses materials which would otherwise be trash is totally up my alley.  Even as folks who endeavor to conserve, we have so much stuff; I love an opportunity to put rubbish to use in an unexpected or transformative way.  (I’m just gonna risk sounding pretentious and leave it at that.)  I have tons of old sweaters and felt from previous projects that we can use for this project.


We happen to be low on our usual arts-n-craft staples, so a new-to-us-material, fabric, will be fun for the kids and me.   I realize fabric is not an unconventional material, but I’m not an efficient sewer, so I’ve avoided fabric crafts that require sewing.


I’m not a neat freak or super organized, but creative projects win big affection from me when they don’t require lots of clean up.  In fact, it’s because I’m not a neat freak or super organized that I value neat projects, otherwise we’d be walking on our scraps for weeks.   Plus, I need quick turn around for our “craft table” to transform into our dining table.  I plan to have most of the sweater/felt pieces cut out beforehand, so the kiddos can jump right in, and clean-up will be efficient.