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You Could Make That: Tote Bag Idea, pt. II

Just came across this tote bag painting project; linking it here so I don’t forget:



We’ve been Christmastiming it up around here in the arts ‘n’ crafts department, and I’ve been loving it.  N had the fortuitous idea that we should put up our tree and lights over Thanksgiving weekend so we’d have plenty of time to enjoy them before we travel for the Christmas holiday.   We run the risk of things falling apart by the time we return home and for our own Epiphany celebration, but maybe I’ll be excited to re-craft when we return from our trip.

Today I’m planning projects for the next week, small gifts the kids can give to their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  I’m still planning on that felt wreath–must pick up my good scissors from having left it with NCN supplies after the fall fundraiser.  Additionally, I think Artful Parent’s tape resist paintings will be really fun for the kids to work on and could result in some terrific pieces.  Here are photos from the article on Rhythm of the Home:

Totally cute, eh?  I’d love to put that on my walls.

Still looking for another project or two….

A Place For Everything

oh, ya know, that could be the title for so many dreamy posts…. I do long to be the sort of person who wisely allocates funds to storage, investments in household sanity, who has a designated place for everything and who deftly maintains everything in its place.

As I look up to the mess calling to me in this time between kids-to-sleep and parents-to-sleep, I see that I need a place for stuff that belongs in the kids rooms when I cannot go into the kids rooms.  I also need an out-of-the-way spot to deposit items for donation.  Enter cute, labeled tote bag idea.  Cute so that they can hang on door knobs during the day, labeled so they won’t be scooped up to suit another purpose.

Here’s some inspiration from Under the Sycamore, or ashleyannphotography.com