genious art: so simple, why didn’t we all think of that?

Oh, my goodness.  This is just ingenious.

I love that this runner is made out of doilies, something easily found, either lying around one’s home or in a thrift store, just waiting for relevant repurposing.   If the doily table runner hasn’t already taken over craft/diy blogs, I predict a massive trend of  upholstered headboard proportions.  Seriously, is it already everywhere?

Further poking around Under the Sycamore reveals more incredibly innovative ideas that are brilliant for the ways they transform very average objects into something totally other that they seem to have been made for.  Check out the reuse of these yardsticks, for example: a yardstick backsplash!  As a backsplash, the conventional function of a yardstick is separated from it’s texture, it’s aesthetic.  Who even knew a yardstick had an aesthetic, right?

The image of Ashley’s kitchen also demonstrates the way a collection can make a positive impact; the globes atop her cupboards are a great color border to the room.  I do have a penchant for circles and globes, so it’s a bit inevitable that I would be drawn to the globes.

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