Monthly Archives: July 2010

Today I made…

…chocolate chip cookies, favorite recipe of Phoebe Buffay and me.

Mine looked a bit white and puffy compared to the styled sample above.  Kiddo and I thought they tasted great anyway.  Also, I added roughly 3/4 cup craisins to 1 and 3/4 cups chocolate chips, rather than using just 2 cups of chocolate chips as the recipe instructs.


An idea for our office space

There’s nothing like a morning of aimless DIY blog wandering to make me feel restless to exercise some creativity.

After laying Babycakes down for a nap and setting Kiddo up with cookies and milk and a self-guided game of CooCoo the Rocking Clown, I settled in to start this blog.  The fact that I’m only 3 sentences in and the cookies and milk are gone, CooCoo has fallen over on the table and most of his juggling balls are rolling around on the floor, might demonstrate the family busyness that often prohibits me from getting past the Research and Development phase of many projects.  I concede that character failings such as easy distraction and a lack of discipline also contribute to my fits and starts.

However, with this blog, I commit to being realistic about what I’m capable of accomplishing.  And perhaps this public forum will donate a dose of accountability, eh?

So, what image inspired me this morning?

There is a lot to love about how thoroughly simple this idea is and how it could be translated into any home or room.  The clipboards provide a  low-commitment manner to display items in a very orderly arrangement.  It looks like designer James Huniford used uniformly sized watercolor paintings in his hallway, but perhaps pieces of different size could find cohesion on evenly hung clipboards of the same size.

It’s probably the flexibility of the arrangement that makes it so appealing to me, as I often find myself afraid to commit to giving items a permanent home on my walls.  I’m filing this idea for the wall above our desk.  Our “office” is actually a pass-through from the stairs to the family room, guest bedroom, master bedroom and our house’s full bath, so an orderly display of art hung on clipboards would provide some much-needed visual interest in a high-traffic space.